Partner in EU project: 9 Conversations

Norsk Interaktiv has participated as partner in EU project “9 Conversations – Network-building for self-emplyment of refugees”, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

The project has six partners from five countries. The project has been coordinated by the Research foundation TISIP, located in Trondheim, Norway.

Project aim

The aim of this project has been to raise awareness about the ways in which refugees can set up a business in the partner countries. There has been a significant influx of refugees across Europe. Once past the initial stages of attending national language training, the main task is to secure the new arrivals into employment. This project aims to provide a training that looks into the specific national requirements for setting up and running a small business, while at the same time bringing in participants’ own experience from their original countries.

Norsk Interaktiv entered the project through the acquired daughter company, RETHINK Learning Technologies, which has now been merged into Norsk Interaktiv.

The project was kicked off in October 2018 and is now close to the end. During this period, we have developed the initially planned Intellectual Outputs. Norsk Interaktiv’s main contribution has been to design and develop an app, which includes the main project results and the tools that we have developed.

Project results

Fore a more detailed overview of the project and the results, please go to the project website.